William Wittmann, LMP

Here's What People Say about Our Work Together

Listen to these folks-

After you have perused these comments below, consider contacting me to see if this work fits you well and can be of help.


    William Wittmann has worked with me on chronic pain and life issues for over a decade and almost as long with my 26-year old daughter. April 26, 2013, Annie made her debut as an artist at the Creative Metal Arts Guild's show in the Portland, OR Convention Center, selling her custom jewelry and sharing her passion for her art with the world.

    William has coached Annie in the fulfillment of her dreams and I believe was instrumental in her taking this first step in her jewelry design and metalworking career. He has helped me understand how best to support my daughter in the pursuit of her passion.

    I can't tell you how inspiring it was to watch Annie flex her wings and come into her own. Just as important, she will be one of those rare individuals with few thoughts of "if only I had tried…."

    Kathy Rossol, Renton

    * * * * * * *

    I was just realizing that I never express my gratitude in words to you.

    Eight Secrets to Living Well
    So now's a perfect time to say. . .

    You do damn good work! (especially today)

    I'm getting smarter every day. And you have a big contribution in that. When I print, publish, and/or get on the big screen--expect your name in the credits.

    Until then, this will have to do.

    all my best,

    Lisa Cooper
    Seattle, WA
    Her website.

    Here's another comment from Lisa:

    I was raving about you to Diana, and then thought, wait...I hope William knows this. So just in case you don't:

    "Isn't he a gem and a genius?!? He has saved my life a thousand times, and has cheerleaded my successes and mourned with me my losses. I can't begin to express my gratitude for his presence in my life."

    * * * * * * *

    I have been visiting William for a little over a year and continue to be impressed with the warmth, compassion and joy that he brings to his healing. Beyond helping me recover from a nasty head injury, William has also helped my body heal from other injuries and hurts both past and present. I appreciate his explanations as to what he is doing in the bodywork and how it will work to align and heal.

    In addition, William is a great life coach. He has coached me on many of the challenges and pleasures daily life presents me with. I appreciate his writing and follow-up emails. Each time I visit William I know I will learn something - not only about the world but about myself. That is invaluable and I feel lucky to be able to work with him.

    Jennifer Price, Seattle

    * * * * * * *

    From Dr. Lindsay deHaas

    I have been working with William for about 7 years now and he is truly phenomenal--grounded, safe, kind, and skilled. Going to him not only brings me great peace and greater physical comfort, but it also gives me tools to use in my everyday life.

    We all need mentors throughout our lives and he is trustworthy. He has done and continues to do the high level of personal work necessary to be a skilled mentor for integrating all of our human bodies--physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

    Seeing him brings me reflection and integration so that I not only have less pain when I leave, but I have a greater understanding of how I created that pain for myself, and a new experience of a happier body to focus on creating for myself.

    When I began with him, I had suffered chronic neck pain post-MVA (motor vehicle accident) for 5 years that chiropractic/PT/massage did not seem to help, and my injury was complicated with stress and computer work. In seeing him, every month things unwound a little further, and for a long time now, I have been able to tell that the injury is long gone, and my stress patterns are changing.

    William is a huge gift in my life and to this community. In support of your own greater good, go see him.

    If you are a practitioner of any kind, go see him. It will be a gift to you and your patients.

    * * * * * * *

    Dear William,

    Here's something I've been meaning to share but forget to bring with me. It's from some a book I don't even remember what the title of anymore. As the narrator described her brother patiently coaching her in baseball, it struck me that this is what you are doing for me:

    "He didn't make me think I was a better player than I was. He made me love the player I already was. What a gift."

    "Indeed," as you would say.

    Thank you!

    Judy Love
    Bothell, WA

    * * * * * * *


    Martha wrote this to a friend of hers that she referred to me:

    My work with William is a top priority each week. I think he is a magician of the greatest order. His deep spirituality and his wonderful sense of wonder- humor and respect is core to the blessings. - Martha
    Seattle, WA

    * * * * * * *

    I keep going back to see William because he gets it. And few people do. He sees energy on so many different levels that no matter where I'm at he understands. He's able to acknowledge the work I've already done, and help me find the door leading to a new frontier I haven't quite been able to enter.

    Sometimes I just need that gentle little push, and sometimes I need someone to really propel me forward. It doesn't matter. William always knows what's needed, and the key to get me moving forward, as he helps me find the Divine in any given situation and discovery the blessings that await.

    Cay Devin
    Woodinville, WA

    * * * * * * *


    I never would have become an entrepreneur without the tools I learned from William years ago. William's techniques take the whole human into account and really work.

    -John Gallagher, L.Ac. LearningHerbs.com
    Carnation, WA

    * * * * * * *

    Almost 8 years ago, my naturopathic physician referred me to William Wittmann ("the massage therapist of physicians") for chronic shoulder pain. I count my blessings in heeding that recommendation because not only did William rid me of my shoulder pain, he went on to help me navigate through many life issues that were happening concurrently - death of a parent, divorce and cataract surgery to name just a few. Rather than being overwhelmed by a collective sadness, I was able, with William's help and encouragement, to undertake heart-healing, life-affirming endeavors that have made me a stronger, healthier more content citizen of the world.

    William continues to assist me in finding my path in life and is as much a friend as a mentor. I hope to maintain a connection with this marvelous human being for many years to come.

    Kathy Rossol
    Renton, WA

* * * * * * *


There's a scene in the movie Michael (one of my favorite movies) in which a woman emerges from Michael's room, positively lit up like a light bulb with bliss.

For years I felt that way every time I encountered the man I married. People would often comment on how both of us would light up.

It's how I felt when I got to work in the newborn nursery at the hospital.

I feel that way when I visit William for one of his magical body/mind sessions.

It's what happens to us all when we encounter unconditional love.

Can you remember feeling this way?

Would you like to feel this way more often?

In my experience, it takes consciously deciding to expose yourself as much as possible to people and situations that support your soft, loving nature.

Dr. Alexandra Gayek
Science of Being Well
Seattle, WA

Here's another piece from Alexandra. She's writing about my book Simply Serene and at the end has comments about who I am.

    Yesterday I was having a rare bad day. Really bad. But I had promised my dear friend William to let you know about his book give-away. That meant I promised myself to re-read the book I remembered loving when he first wrote it three years ago, and write a fresh review.

    To my intelligent side, this would be an obvious solution to the state I'd gotten myself into.

    To my emotional side, there was no way it could help.

    I wasn't in the mood. Too attached to feelingmiserable.

    It got me anyway.

    Tenderly, William's gentle writing pulled me completely out of my painful, sad, angry state.

    The book, "Simply Serene" promises to teach four skills to bring you to a thoroughly serene state.

    The title doesn't hint at the dozens of tools beyond the basic four. It's more like a whole course than an ebook, yet you can read it in an hour or two.

    -> Simply Serene

    I felt peaceful just by reading about the skills. I found I couldn't resist practicing them as I was reading.


    y tears had dried up before I finished the introduction. This, despite all my resistance. (Have you ever had that irritable reaction against help just when you need it most?)

    It's 12 hours later. I went to bed feeling peaceful.

    Had nice dreams. Woke feeling better than I've felt in a long time. Maybe you will have this experience, too.

    What is it about this book?

    For starts, there aren't any "shoulds" to resist. No long lists of things to add to your already overloaded life. No big secrets. Nothing hard to learn.

    Just very simple different ways of doing some basic things you already do.

    You're invited.

    And, for the next two days, until midnight Pacific Time, March 13, 2013 this priceless little book is free.

    After that, it's a bargain at any price.

    -> Simply Serene


    To your peace and serenity,

    Dr. Alexandra Gayek

    P.S. Who is William?

    William Wittmann is my dear friend and colleague of many years who understands my excitement at the magic of lightning bugs in the meadow on a summer evening, why I could spend all day sitting on a log by a frozen lake in the mountains watching the snow melt off the trees, or what it meant that Guatemala beckoned me like a big luscious red flower beckons a hummingbird.

    He's the bodyworker who can pull on my toe and make my neck stop hurting, help me see my right path by the way my whole body lights up when I talk about it. He was teaching people about the works of Wallace Wattles 25 years ago. Takes a sabbatical for a week every month to visit beautiful wild places.

    He's an artist, writer, wise friend committed to the journey.

    Even if you've read any of his books in the past, please give yourself the gift of reading this one again.

    -> Simply Serene

* * * * * * *

This is a note Dr. Pau Rubin sent to his newsletter --

    I've known William Wittmann for many years. Up to now it's been hard to describe what he does professionally.

    He's a CranialSacral therapist, body worker, spiritual counselor, shaman - he has such a varied background and wealth of experience that he has used in so many ways to help people.

    Now his experience and talents are more accessible than ever, on a great website called Body and Soul Mentor. That's finally a good description for William.

    I've found the site to be very useful. There is a wealth of articles and links for anyone interested in any kind of growth. Just a very small example is his Foolproof Relaxation which is quick and easy to learn and use anywhere, anytime - including in the dental office! Check out Body and Soul Mentor.

    Paul Rubin, DDS

* * * * * * *

This next one comes from a client who moved to Massachusetts, and still receives my newsletter.

    I can't tell you how much I enjoy hearing from you in the emails you send out every week. Life is as exciting and compelling as usual around here.

    Getting settled into Massachusetts fairly quickly, making a lot of connections and new friends. I have been referring back to my fairy tales, many complements to you. Our time together was absolutely transformative--and very supportive.

    Thank you for being so supportive.

    Thinking of you often, and hoping you are doing very, very, very well.


    Lori Moffitt, MSAOM, Lic. Ac., Dipl. of Ac.
    Gloucester, MA

    * * * * * * *

    meadow by William Wittmann

    I have been working with William for 15 years. I originally scheduled an appointment with him because I had TMJ and was anticipating a highly skilled massage session. What I experienced and continue to experience was and is much more. In a session, William gently sorts through the muscular and spiritual fascia of my body and life and poises both for self-correction. I leave his office not only in less physical pain, but with a deeper, visceral understanding and integration of my own emotional, behavioral, cognitive and spiritual development. William is an incredible body practitioner, counselor and spiritual guide.

    Thanks, William!

    Kathy Hanson
    Seattle, WA

    * * * * * * *

    Several years ago, I injured my back rather seriously. I think William helped me more than any other single person both during my six month period of no activity and as I have become strong and fit again. Every time I leave his office I feel better.

    Sharon Lee
    Seattle, WA

    * * * * * * *

    “William’s unique calling is a combination of several gifts. While each of these gifts in themselves are not unique to William, the combination of these gifts in one person is unique to my experience.

    “In sum, something magic happens with William and not only with regard to me, but also with the dozen or so people I have referred to him. He is excellent at what he does.”

    Rev. Carla Pryne,
    Seattle, WA

    * * * * * * *

    “Your unique ability is that you can read peoples bodies. Their bodies talk to you, and you know how to listen. You don't need people to tell you a lot about what is going on. You just tune in. That bypasses people’s ego/intellect and gets you to what really needs to be worked on. You are a true healer.” – Walter Crinnion, ND
    Kirkland, WA

    * * * * * * *

    Hello William,

    A short note of appreciation for the work that we have been engaged in recently. Solstice time provided a doorway to do the ritual that we spoke of in one of our sessions and the outcome has been a transformation in my nervous system and spirit -- I am no longer thrashing about in the clutches of indecision and fear, my heart is lighter and laughter has returned to my voice and thoughts. I am seeing a clear path and much greater possibility of shared ground and love. My deep and heartfelt thanks to you for providing the responsive, open space to create penetrating change and renewed vision.

    Wishing you well in this holiday season and may the new year bring you all manner of fruition and success.

    Rebekah Ingalls, LAC
    Earth & Sky Healing Arts
    Seattle, WA

Again, consider contacting me to see if this work fits you well and can be of help.